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Wine tourism in the land of Bajoz

The summer tour is full of events related to wine tourism and gastronomy in the land of Bajoz. First of all, to celebrate the success of the first edition of “Fromago chesse experience” that took place in Zamora. The fair has been held for four days and is dedicated 100% to the world of cheese, the perfect match for our DO Toro wines.

This gastronomic fair will be joined during the coming weeks by the countless activities related to the world of wine such as the famous “Toro Harvest Festivals” that will take place from October 6 to 12 and all the wine tourism activities organized in as many wineries of the denomination of origin as in our Wine Museum – Pagos del Rey.

Regarding the “Fromago chesse experience” we can highlight that it has been a remarkable success of public attendance with an estimated influx of 300,000 people who have been able to visit the offer of 300 exhibitors. A good opportunity to savor the universe of the best national cheeses. Congratulations on this initiative and we wish you a lot of success for the new editions. And it is that in a matter of cheeses and wine it is always a world.

A wine for every cheese

While we wait for the next edition of this fair, we suggest some pairings that we have tried at the fair and that fit 100% with our Bajoz range with blue cheeses, dyes of great character and tempranillo grape or tinta de Toro: as is our Gran Bajoz. For goat or sheep cheeses, as long as they are cured, choose crianza reds such as our Bajoz Crianza ; if you opt for uncured sheep cheeses, opt better for young reds such as Bajoz tinta Toro. Finally, and for cured cow cheeses chosen red crianza and reserva, in general.

Faced with doubts about which wine to select, we share the most relevant successes of this year of our wines in international competitions and that are the result of the continuous commitment to the quality and good work of our winemakers: