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The Harvest. The earliest.

The harvest arrives, the critical moment of the year where the winegrower plays all the work of the year and the starting point for the elaboration of the wines of the Bajoz range begins.

This year the grape harvest in the D.O Toro began on August 24, the earliest harvest. It is being a somewhat atypical year due to a summer with excessive heat and lack of rains.

The harvest will be more selected due to the irregularity in the ripening of the vineyards, but with excellent quality. The rains that are falling these last days of September are very good since they will allow to recover the weight of the grape and improve the balance of acidity and sugar content of the fruit. Let’s hope there is luck these key days.

Harvest celebration

Coinciding with the end of the harvest, the traditional “Toro Wine Festival” will arrive in October. One of the most anticipated and admired festivals in the entire region and that in fact was declared a “Festival of Regional Tourist Interest” by the Junta de Castilla y León.

During the celebrations, which this year takes place from October 6 to 12, Toro freezes in time and goes back a few years. Its streets and buildings are transformed to host the great parade of traditional cars. Everything has a different life, color and taste.

We are going to find a parade of beautiful antique carts, pulled by animals and decorated with farm implements, food baskets and grapes. The participants of the event dress in typical vintage and vintage costumes. The whole entourage travels through the most important corners and monuments of the city attracting a large audience and opting for the contest of the best car of the harvest festivals of Toro.

In addition, everything is complemented by other activities such as the medieval market with its craft stalls, gastronomic events, medieval tournaments and numerous cultural contests.

We take this opportunity to remember the activities held at the Pagos del Rey Wine Museum and offered at this time of harvest “A por uvas 2022″, aimed at the whole family. All participants will be approached in a playful and didactic way to four grape varieties of the DO Toro: Malvasia, Verdejo, Garnacha and Tinta de Toro.

There will also be “Vineyard walking tours” in the didactic vineyard of the museum that culminates with a wine tasting and a typical lunch. For the little ones, “Grape treading and must elaboration workshops” will be held. To end on October 9, the “Día de la Vendimia Pagos del Rey” will be celebrated, a very special day with visits to the winery where the Bajoz range is made and a final surprise…