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Gran Bajoz, fruit of a unique land

Gran Bajoz is the premium wine of the Bajoz range, the fruit of a unique land such as the Toro Denomination of Origin. Made in the winery of Pagos del Rey de Morales de Toro, the former Cooperative Virgen de las Viñas, it is named after the river that irrigates the plain of the Duero River basin.

This wine has the tradition and prestige of an area that proudly bears the history of Spanish wine: the one that traveled with Christopher Columbus to America; in the Middle Ages it enjoyed royal privileges to be marketed even in places where its sale was prohibited and that survived the phylloxera plague that dried up the vineyards of Europe.

Gran Bajoz is a wine with character, but with a renewed style adapted to new tastes. An authentic wine for those who are looking for a halo of distinction on their table, at an excellent quality / price and endorsed by the international recognition of international competitions, such as the gold medal recently awarded by the Berliner Wine Trophy.


Made with Tinta de Toro grapes, as the Tempranillo grape is called in the area, coming from old vines with little production. The grapes are harvested manually and then selected, both in the field and in the cellar, so that the berries have the perfect ripeness.

Consequently, we can emphasize that the result is pure harmony. A dark cherry colored wine with violet reflections. On the nose, its surprising notes of red and black fruits, plum jam and coffee. In the mouth it is powerful, tasty, toasted and with very polished tannins.

Gran Bajoz is perfect to accompany modern cuisine dishes such as steak tartare or duck breast, beef tacos with garlic sauce.

In short, this is an authentic wine to celebrate special moments with the confidence that nothing can go wrong.